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Negative Statistics / Forecasts That Fuels Our Innovation

Million jobs worldwide will be lost to robots by 2030
jobs are lost each year in America to BPO
Trillion dollars of debt for all countries worldwide
countries went bankrupt in the last two centuries

Compound Annual Growth Rates Of Our Focused Industries

Robotics - 2021
AI - 2022
Cannibis - 2021
Crypto - 2021


Our vision is where artificial intelligence enriches our daily lives and blockchain tech maintains freedom and security in our economic decisions.

post Socratic Ventures (pSV) is a Tech Atelier focused in four segments: Blockchain, Cannabis, Payments and Support. The Studios provide strategic planning, innovation coaching, prototype development and production launch pads.

The tech studio approach of pSV allows our venture partners to discover, design, develop, deploy and direct new technologies into emerging tech markets. The primary focus of pSV is delivering fractional information technology resources through our high-tech studios.

Is the combination of advanced technology with human capital to maintain consistent adoption and compatibility with emerging technologies. Our approach to supporting technology is to provide the foundation for all studios in the Tech Atelier.

We focus on how to enable our human asset to maximize their individual potential. We deliver adaptive BPO by providing fractionalized human resources, with specialized skillsets that evolve with the technology.

The complete list of Managed Services can be seen in our FITS flipbook

Our innovative solutions that meet the specialized needs of our customers. By combining first-hand experience with our datacenter, infrastructure and integration expertise, we have developed comprehensive solutions that are effective, efficient and affordable.

Whether it’s providing advanced compliance-based datacenter solution to SMB, Enterprise, to local businesses or fully outsourcing and managing business technology solutions, ZtekZ delivers proven solutions that are business ready and business tested.

Free hosting consultations are available, visit ZtekZ to find out more.

Build your own secure cloud, host your virtual applications on your personal bare metal servers, and control your IT and Compliance costs with added security. ZtekZ supports mainstream clouds from AWS, Watson, Google, and Azure as well as proprietary hosting for acceleration and business continuity.

  • Data Security | Compliance

    Industry and Governmental Regulations

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    Our experience in security regulations (PCI, FERPA, ISO 27001, HIPAA, TR-39, SOX404(b), and GLBA), standards, and frameworks will help you establish a complete program where your organization fully understands the risks to your system and how best to defend your network.

    Prevention Practices
    Penetration Tests, or ethical hacking, are an important part of any security program. Our methodology, based largely on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTM), is designed to validate the security surrounding externally connected systems from the Internet, as well as within a Corporate Network, depending on your needs.

    Compliance Coaching
    Our methodologies are designed to detect weaknesses in a system, network or application that could allow host or information compromise and safely exploit these weaknesses to evaulate the impact on business operations. This will have an substantial impact on your compliance reporting and management.

  • Business Continuity

    Crisis management and support resources ready to react

    As your trusted partner for all aspects of your cloud strategy, service delivery, and the delivery of cloud services. We focus on all aspects of your solution to ensure your organization maximizes the benefits and is well-positioned to be successful in the event of deploying your disaster recovery program.

    Change Management
    From firewalls to SSL Certificates, information security is as critical as any other business function. Safeguard your business from emerging threats and have the peace of mind of knowing your network and technology systems are protected when tested by natural disasters, hackers and other unknown acts of God.

    Managed Backup services
    We ensure your critical data is always protected, even in the event of a disaster. With flexible storage and recovery options tailored to your high-performance Bare Metal, Private Cloud, Managed AWS or Managed Azure environment, we’ve got you covered.

  • Specialized Cloud Services


    control your hosting diwn to the bare metal

    Experience with AWS, Azure, Zen Orchestra, Docker and other modern hosting services. ... who is then charged with the various aspects of the business process, with a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) and thus outcome-oriented metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place. Whether you’re looking for public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions, we will ensure your infrastructure is optimized and resources are optimized. Designed to meet rigorous compliance and security standards, including PCI and HIPAA.

    Save money by eliminating the need to purchase hardware and reduce expenses of maintenance.

    Reduce potential risk against hackers and lost business by ensuring your tools are always up and running.

    Tools designed to meet or exceed rigorous data and government compliance requirements and follow best practices.

    A cloud solution that scales and continually evolves to meet your needs as your organization grows.


1752 - Boston Benjamin Franklin
The Internet
January 1, 1983 Robert Taylor | Lawrence Roberts
Blockchain AI
The Future We are creating it now

Tech Atelier


Strategic Planning
Vision is sight, an idea maybe a dream. An effective strategy is execution after disciplined and focused analysis.
Our definition of innovation is not what to do ... We focus on how to do it better and realize a substantial return on investment.
Life is a series of projects with an infinite list of tasks. The only way you get anywhere is execution of which is a managed service we provide.